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Knowledge You Can Apply —  Skills You can Grow

Discover Skill-Based Learning

First Enhance Your Expertise — Then Build Your Skills

"Everyone complains about the cost of education, but no-one complains about the cost of ignorance." M. Johannsen

Develop Your Expertise

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Get the knowledge and understanding needed to enhance expert in the field of leadership. This is the level of applied theory on all aspects of leadership. Most of our Academy courses and classes are at this level of learning.

Avoid complacency by continuous exposure to information on leadership. After all, Rome was not built in a day and leadership skills take time as well. Don't ever stop.

Skill development requires practice, both physical and mental. And yet, it's typically the mental practice we forget to do. Or we don't know how to practice mentally. 

"After all, if it was just about knowledge, most of the world’s leaders would be librarians." — M. Johannsen

Build Your Skills

Skill building requires a different approach compared to developing expertise. We offer three models for learning skills based on a monthly subscription model.

  • Self-Paced (The Sliver Plan) This is for the independent minded person. A mix of theory and assignments with feedback occurring based on submitted assignments. 
  • Coached (The Gold Plan). Skills development is easier if you have a guide. This is where a Master Instructor is assigned to you. You choose a concentration.
  • Executive  (The Platinum Plan) Would you like your own customized learning program? One that is designed with you in mind and that works around your schedule?

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Learning Must Be On-Going
Leadership, especially transformational leaderhip, is much more difficult role to play than manager. 

For influence is an art and people are sometimes irrational, often delusional and typically emotional. 

One needs to know the menu for choosing what to eat.
  Octavian (Augustus) Caesar 

 “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” -- Shakespeare, The Twelve Night, ( Act II, Scene V)
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Checkout Upcoming Academy Programs

Online Full Classes and Short Courses

Build Expertise — Academy Short Courses and Full Classes

    • 18-Jun-2017
    • 30-Jul-2017
    • A 6-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor in the Mastery Practices Series in the Skill Development Concentration (Level I Learning: Developing Expertise).

    "Some things change, some things don't." — Morpheus (The Matrix Revisted)

    You might say that to get really good at copywriting, your first step is to take a university writing deprogramming class. For you will fail miserably at copywriting if you follow the rules and best practices that you an "A" on those scholarly research papers. Remember, good copy blends words and images that persuade and motivate. It doesn't use abstract words that bore, snore, and confuse.

    The course starts with constructing shorter messages. For if the message resonates with a lead or prospect in your niche, conversions are greater and customer acquisition costs are lower. For when it doesn't ring true with the audience, marketing costs skyrocket and sales expense goes through the roof.

    Besides mastering copywriting, you'll want to wrap your message into a story. The story is ancient, yet it still captivates our attention today. Research indicates that stories are more likely to be believed than facts and states. And they'll surely more likely to be remembered. 

    Our greatest works of literature and our most popular movies illustrate this recurring pattern. And one of the most important patterns to is the heroes journey. For it's in the hero's journey that we see our own story — or what might be our own story. 

    For it is true today as it was in the past — people want to do something that gives their life meaning. And we can find meaning in a mythic story.

    Module 1: Copyrighting Essentials

    Every field has an essential body of core concepts and principles that define what all in the field must know. Copywriting is no different. And that's whats covered here.

    • What's wrong with academic writing. 
    • Why scholar won't work in the real world
    • Powerful words — the ones you better use in your messages
    • Judging Response to an Appeal: Margerison's Continuum

    Module 2: Persuasive Patterns

    There are persuasive and motivation patterns in use every day. In fact, the most powerful ones more more useful than logic. 

    • Pitching to emotional, motivational and logical appeals
    • Copywriting heuristics: The rules you best know 
    • Classic persuasive patterns that are timeless
    • Learn the basics of copyrighting

    Module 3: Generating and Modeling Good Copy

    Good copy shares a two characteristics, it gets your interest and motivates you to  do something — such as making that click to a landing page. 

    • How to construct motivational posts
    • Getting their attention
    • Know how to write compelling headlines.
    • Understand the different types of calls to action
    • Discover what makes an article readable

    Module 4: The Power of Myth and Archetypes

    We will delve into both Jung and Campbell: giants with deep insights into the strong psychological and motivation forces illustrated by myths and archetypes.

    • Course overview
    • Introductions & ice breakers 
    • Delve into the power of myth to understand the challenges you will face.
    • Story telling tips
    • Story stats and facts
    • Get inspiration from the Hero archetype in the great stories from the past 

    Module 5: Using Stories in Marketing

    Stories work. In fact, they work better than facts and stats when it comes to exerting influence. They have become integrated into the structure of many campaigns. This session will look at some of the more successful examples using past campaigns and crowdfunding.

    • Ways to create meaning
    • Standard storylines at work
    • Stories in personal, corporate and product branding
    • Mythic stories at work

    Module 6: Last Class: Words and Images

    Let's face it, you won't write very good marketing copy using just text. The world has moved on and continues to move away from test only messages.

    • Integrating Images and Words
    • Applying what was covered

    About the Instructor

    The instructor has both the depth of expertise and real world experience necessary. For example, he received a master's in psychology from Harvard, this gives him depth of expertise to delve deep into impact of stories. Plus creates copy all the time to feed that different campaigns being run by his firm. 
    • 02-Jul-2017
    • 01-Oct-2017
    • A 12-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor

    Money is always scarce; it pays to know what one is doing. And in marketing, there are a relatively small number of must know theories that mean the difference between success and failure. They are that important. 

    Because they appear to be simple, too many business people are stuck with executing on superficial knowledge — resulting in lead funnels that fail to generate revenue or even qualify leads. But when these twelve are used in the right combination, they drastically lower the cost (and time) of customer acquisition. 

    This course presents practical, relevant down to earth techniques to generate new business. The kind of knowledge you know to:

    1) Scale a new business, 

    2) Launch a new product;

    3) Take an existing product into a new niche

    4)  Display perform as a marketing professional.

    You might say this course serves as the strong foundation necessary to be effective in marketing products and services. It's future oriented. It focuses a great deal of attention on applying these enduring concepts in the digital marketing universe. 

    Finally, the course is presented either totally online or as a blended class for organizational clients. No textbook is required: videos, audios and articles come from the Internet. 

    Course Learning Objectives

    1. Enhance your expertise in 12 critically important marketing competencies

    2. Grasp the most important issues and problems encountered in digital marketing today.

    3. Cultivate the expertise (and the skill) needed to do a marketing role in a company.

    4. Learn tools and concepts practiced in the real world and tested on the firing line of experience


    0. Course Overview

    1. Trend Spotting: How to do Environmental Scanning

    2. Developing A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

    3. Identifying and Overcoming Market Entry Barriers

    4. Ways to define the ideal Market Niche through Segmentation

    5. Defining Positioning and Branding for Products and Services 

    6. The Essentials of Sound Pricing and Effective Sales Promotions

    7. Combining Sound Strategy with Robust Business Models

    8. Standing Out From the Crowd and the Competition: How to Use Differentiation

    9. The Digital Marketing Mix: Capitalizing On Internet and Viral Marketing Tactics

    10. The Classic Marketing Mix: Tried and Truth Methods That Continue to Work

    11. Being Newsworthy: What's Needed to Get Free Media Publicity

    12. Strategy and Tactics: Executing a Flawless Marketing Campaign

    About the Instructor 

    Murray Johannsen is unique in that he brings to the course two hard to find qualities: depth of expertise backed by real world marketing experience. First, he is a Founder who runs his own business and continuously devises marketing campaigns. Secondly, besides having one foot in the real world, he has the other one in the world of education, serving as an adjunct professor at top universities in America and Asia. 

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