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Knowledge You Can Apply —  Skills You can Grow

Discover Skill-Based Learning

First Enhance Your Expertise — Then Build Your Skills

"Everyone complains about the cost of education, but no-one complains about the cost of ignorance." M. Johannsen

Develop Your Expertise

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Get the knowledge and understanding needed to enhance expert in the field of leadership. This is the level of applied theory on all aspects of leadership. Most of our Academy courses and classes are at this level of learning.

Avoid complacency by continuous exposure to information on leadership. After all, Rome was not built in a day and leadership skills take time as well. Don't ever stop.

Skill development requires practice, both physical and mental. And yet, it's typically the mental practice we forget to do. Or we don't know how to practice mentally. 

"After all, if it was just about knowledge, most of the world’s leaders would be librarians." — M. Johannsen

Build Your Skills

Skill building requires a different approach compared to developing expertise. We offer three models for learning skills based on a monthly subscription model.

  • Self-Paced (The Sliver Plan) This is for the independent minded person. A mix of theory and assignments with feedback occurring based on submitted assignments. 
  • Coached (The Gold Plan). Skills development is easier if you have a guide. This is where a Master Instructor is assigned to you. You choose a concentration.
  • Executive  (The Platinum Plan) Would you like your own customized learning program? One that is designed with you in mind and that works around your schedule?

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Learning Must Be On-Going
Leadership, especially transformational leaderhip, is much more difficult role to play than manager. 

For influence is an art and people are sometimes irrational, often delusional and typically emotional. 

One needs to know the menu for choosing what to eat.
  Octavian (Augustus) Caesar 

 “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” -- Shakespeare, The Twelve Night, ( Act II, Scene V)
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