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Walters Art Mueseum, Sappho and Alcaeus by Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836–1912)


These programs is designed by Murray Johannsen, a business owner and a professor at both Korea University and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Mr. Johannsen has an MBA from the University of Iowa and an M.A. in Psychology from Harvard University. Feel free to contact him through LinkedIn or by email


Develop Expertise Useful in the Real World

    • 20-Mar-2017
    • 01-May-2017
    • Six-Week Full Class On-Line With Instructor

    "When managers and other responsible persons in business organizations are asked how much of the work day is spent in communicating, the replies range from 85 to 99 percent." -- Harold Zelko and Frank Dance (1965)

    This course focuses on six essential leadership communication skills—the kind of skills that lead to increased levels of responsibility and increased pay. After all, one cannot be effect as a leader if one doesn't posses stellar communication skills. And one never gets too good at the art of communication.

    Modules include:

    • 27-Mar-2017
    • 07-May-2017
    • A 6-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor in the Digital Mastery Concentration

    Most people have many contacts in their network, but few know how to leverage these contacts. There is a similar phenomenon in chemistry, where there exists both potential energy and kinetic energy. Potential forever remains a possibility. Kinetic energy makes things happen. And so it is with your Linkedin network, you must convert potential energy (contacts) into the kinetic kind (referral sources, appointments and interviews.)

    Class Modules

    This online class is about developing contacts and taking actions that covert work leads to prospects to work. You will learn how to:

       • Develop both personal positioning
       • Put together your branding strategy
       • Develop more high quality leads
       • Take more effective conversion actions

    1. Building a Strong Foundation: The Essentials of Branding, Positioning and Differentiation

    Image by: Ivan Walsh

    You have the option of presenting ourself in many different ways. Whether one wants to do so depends on the nature of the product or service. Sometimes people want to hire the expert. Sometimes, they want to hire the business. Sometimes they want to hire an expert who has a business. This section looks at the corporate entity and how it might be used on this medium.

    3. Enhancing Your Personal Brand: Developing a Top-Drawer Profile

    "A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five." — Groucho Marx

    Image by: dodgers

    Getting found by the prospects such as head hunters involves the smart use of your profile. The issue is two-fold, first, being discovered during a search and second, once they are on the profile getting and keeping them interested.

    4. How to Properly Leverage Group Membership 

    Image by: Lumaxart
    There are thousands of groups you join. Some groups you join because of a common interest, (i.e. technology) or (much more likely), it's where the clients or recruiters hangs out. Once you join a group you can: share your knowledge to help others, post a news article, start a discussion, answer a question, or post a job lead.

    5. Growing Your Network: Utilizing, Influencing and Boosting Social Capital

    It's long been known that in professional circles the quality of the network is very important. In the old days, one used a rolodex and a phone. Today your options are more numerous and more complex. Linkedin presents one way to leverage a network, but it is not the only way. The way Linkedin manages the network is through "degrees of separation." This model has strengths, but it also has major weaknesses. For example, to assume all individuals you know are equally important, and is willing to help you out is not a valid assumption.

    6. Advanced Methods of Projecting Your Expertise

    "If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." — Unknown Source

    Image by lumaxart

    Linkedin has both basic functions which one must master and the advanced options which you can choose to use. ANSWERS as the name implies is a service defined to get answers to your questions. Its value lies asking good questions and answering the same. How do you jazz up a profile? You can add applications. While it is not necessary, potentially one can create another channel to impress. Some may want to host an event. Events offer a valuable way of getting to people together either locally or on the web. For example, you could host a local group or might want to offer a webinar of some type.

    7. Managing Your Reputation
    Before one starts to develop a personal brand, its wise to take a look at what is already being said out there since most individuals will not only check your profile, they will also do a quick check on Google. And of course, you want to keep some information out of the public domain to discourage identity theft. 

Past events

13-Mar-2017 Full Class: SKILL MAPPING: How To Define The Skills Needed For Future Success
06-Mar-2017 Full Class: The ABCs of Performance Management (Practical Motivation Concentration)
20-Feb-2017 Full Class: The Psychology of Leadership
13-Feb-2017 Short Course: Why Linkedin Makes Sense For Business and Personal Branding (Concentration: Digital Marketing: Personal Brand Track)
06-Feb-2017 Full Class: WORD MAGIC — 6 Must Have Communication Skills (Communication Skills Concentration)
06-Feb-2017 Short Course: Crafting Your Vision: The First Step Toward Constructing a Better Future (Skills Mapping Focus)
06-Feb-2017 Short Course: What HR Doesn't Want You To Know—The Secrets To a Great Interview
16-Jan-2017 Full Class: Building an Essential Application Skill (Methods of Masters Concentration)
16-Jan-2017 Full Class: POWERFUL THOUGHTS: Improving Your Performance With Self-Talk
09-Jan-2017 Full Class: LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS: What You Must Know About Leadership
11-Dec-2016 Short Course: Crafting Your Vision: The First Step Toward Constructing a Better Future (Session I)
21-Nov-2016 Short Course: The Quest of Heros: Succeeding As a Transformational Leader
07-Nov-2016 Short Course: Be a Star Manager and Leader on the Stage of Work
07-Nov-2016 Full Class: Sins and Virtues — Spotting Flaws and Developing Strengths
07-Nov-2016 Short Course: Unlock the Power of REFLECTION: How To Learn From Experience
31-Oct-2016 Skill-Based Expertise: What You Must Know to Build Skills Faster (Skills Concentration)
17-Oct-2016 Short Course: PITCH PERFECT — The Secrets of Constructing Dynamite Presentations
30-Sep-2016 Video Lectures: The Essence of Wisdom
14-Sep-2016 INFLUENCE AT WORK: How to Enhance Your Personal Power (Concentration: Leadership Foundations)
05-Sep-2016 Full Class: The Transformational Leadership Bootcamp (Concentration: Transformational Leadership)
01-Sep-2016 Motivation Essentials: Three Needs You Must Know
29-Aug-2016 Short Course: Face To Face: Enhance Your Interpersonal Communication Skills (Short Course)
15-Aug-2016 TOUGH AS NAILS: Enhancing Resilience, Persistence and Mental Toughness (Concentration: Transformational Leadership)

Major Online Learning Methods

The Structure of Full Classes

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Sample Structure of a Short Course: From Tough as Nails

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Essentials of Skill-Based Learning

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Competency Modeling: Key Steps

From Novice To Mastery

Programs For Individuals

Five Major  Concentrations

Walters Art Mueseum, Sappho and Alcaeus by Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836–1912) 
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