Types of Leadership Videos 
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Good Lectures Capture Attention and Engage the Audience. Whether you agree or disagree, these are designed to hold your attention. 

Prime Videos 

These are videos from our on-line courses. For the most part, these are voice lectures along with using PowerPoint slides.

Prime Trailers

A trailer is a short video, usually just a minute or two that describes the Full Class or the Short Course.


We select from among some of the best thinks talking about some of the leading thinkers of the day.

University Lectures

Public sector university professors from leading university such as INSEAD, Harvard and from others that you have never heard of.

Founder Videos

These are a series of five short video lectures on building skills, leadership development and transformation leadership.

YouTube Videos

Periodically, we find that there individuals who have good things to say about leadership and it's development.

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