Level I: Clubs You Can Join

The ForeRunner's Club

This group is capped at twenty to help everyone get to know each other. Advantages of belonging:

  • Get a Your Bronze membership for Free as long as you continue to contribute.
  • Preview Learning Content. You see it first prior to release to the wider public. You can take the class and benefit from the content, the exercises, and the application assignments. 
  • It's learning for free -- but you have to provide timely and well-though out feedback on what works and could work better.

 The Authors Club

The focus here is still in the printed word. Thats not to say that one shouldn't use pictures; in fact, text is rather boring, today the messages that get read commonly have both text and images. 

To stay a member in good standing requires that you publish at least once a month on the media of choice. Doing so can help you to establish a following.

You can retain copyright and allow LegaceePrime distribution rights if you wish to pay you monthly membership dues. Or if using the free membership option, what is published is considered a work for hire. 

You can publish to LegaceePrime social media outlets on Facebook, Linked-in, etc. 

Prerequisite: By special invite with a track record of doing quality work by publishing or by being a ForeRunner.

The Producers Club 

This club works the same as the Author's Club, but rather than focusing on words, you would put together videos.

You are welcome to create your own content but make it less than ten minutes. You can also submit 3rd party videos provided the content is in the public domain or available through license

Prerequisite: By special invite with a track record of doing quality work by producing video or by being a ForeRunner.

Level II Clubs You Can Join

The Heros Club

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” -- Henry David Thoreau

Here the focus is understanding and mastering the psychological forces that most people never think much about. Psychologically, there is an archetype called the leader one that both Carl Jung  and Joseph Campbell have extensively written about.

Otherwise, you will live a life in fear: both conscious and unconscious. One feels the hopelessness of knowing that your dreams are forever beyond your reach. For if you don't win this inner battle, conquering outer world is unlikely as well.

Why Join Clubs?

The Great Founders Club 


Average guys create mediocre companies. Great entrepreneurs create great companies. it’s as simple and complex as that. 

Unfortunately most entrepreneurs, their advisors, and their investors commonly forget this fundamental truth. They think its all about management, as if you can manage the chaos of the start-up. That you manage your way into building a team. That people want to be managed. 

This group is focused on the Great Leaders who are Great entrepreneurs.

Image by: Mathew Yohe

Remember, you can more no more better investment than to develop the knowledge and skills you can use throughout your entire life.

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