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Transformational Leadership (19 articles)

You might say transformational leadership is a style. But it is one of the more important styles you can master for the 21st century. It's importance lies in the ability to adapt to the environment and get others to adapt.For example, it is a poor sort of transformational leader who just focuses on chaining others and forgets about dealing with the crap within their own minds. 

Not only do you learn what it is, but insights into how to build 4 Transformational Competencies:

  • The Skill of Building Skills
  • The Transformational Mindset
  • The 9 Spheres of Social Influence
  • Achieving Self-Mastery
Also discover two closely related styles: visionary and charismatic.

Leadership Styles (7 Articles)

Here you will find out about styles and there are many of them. Their importance lies in the context. That is, it is the situation that determines the style you should choose. Also find detailed articles on: autocratic, bureaucratic, situational, facilitative, and cross-cultural. 

Meeting Leadership (5 articles)

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. Meetings are the common ritual, one held many times each day in corporations and government. Despite their importance, many lack the skills to run them well. Not only is time lost, a huge number of the them result in bad decisions from a faulty problem solving process. 

The Great Founder Paradigm (5 articles)

By definition, a great entrepreneur must also be a transformational leader. But this is not enough, their are other skills, other competencies one must develop. 

The Quest of Heroes (5 articles)

A hero in essence is someone who takes on a difficult challenge. This is a mythic pattern, one that has been captured in the great books and in top selling movies. 

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    • A 12-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor

    Money is always scarce; it pays to know what one is doing. And in marketing, there are a relatively small number of must know theories that mean the difference between success and failure. They are that important. 

    Because they appear to be simple, too many business people are stuck with executing on superficial knowledge — resulting in lead funnels that fail to generate revenue or even qualify leads. But when these twelve are used in the right combination, they drastically lower the cost (and time) of customer acquisition. 

    This course presents practical, relevant down to earth techniques to generate new business. The kind of knowledge you know to:

    1) Scale a new business, 

    2) Launch a new product;

    3) Take an existing product into a new niche

    4)  Display perform as a marketing professional.

    You might say this course serves as the strong foundation necessary to be effective in marketing products and services. It's future oriented. It focuses a great deal of attention on applying these enduring concepts in the digital marketing universe. 

    Finally, the course is presented either totally online or as a blended class for organizational clients. No textbook is required: videos, audios and articles come from the Internet. 

    Course Learning Objectives

    1. Enhance your expertise in 12 critically important marketing competencies

    2. Grasp the most important issues and problems encountered in digital marketing today.

    3. Cultivate the expertise (and the skill) needed to do a marketing role in a company.

    4. Learn tools and concepts practiced in the real world and tested on the firing line of experience


    0. Course Overview

    1. Trend Spotting: How to do Environmental Scanning

    2. Developing A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

    3. Identifying and Overcoming Market Entry Barriers

    4. Ways to define the ideal Market Niche through Segmentation

    5. Defining Positioning and Branding for Products and Services 

    6. The Essentials of Sound Pricing and Effective Sales Promotions

    7. Combining Sound Strategy with Robust Business Models

    8. Standing Out From the Crowd and the Competition: How to Use Differentiation

    9. The Digital Marketing Mix: Capitalizing On Internet and Viral Marketing Tactics

    10. The Classic Marketing Mix: Tried and Truth Methods That Continue to Work

    11. Being Newsworthy: What's Needed to Get Free Media Publicity

    12. Strategy and Tactics: Executing a Flawless Marketing Campaign

    About the Instructor 

    Murray Johannsen is unique in that he brings to the course two hard to find qualities: depth of expertise backed by real world marketing experience. First, he is a Founder who runs his own business and continuously devises marketing campaigns. Secondly, besides having one foot in the real world, he has the other one in the world of education, serving as an adjunct professor at top universities in America and Asia. 

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