Why Join Clubs

"It's not what you know, it's who you know that counts." -- American saying

One reason to join is to develop your social capital. While the term social capital leaves much to be desired, it’s true that one needs to know people, especially people who know things -- the kind of person who can provide answers to problems that can’t be found on Google.

Search engines have a very difficult time distinguishing the truth from lies and often are clueless when it comes to context. That's why, you want to have a trusted network, individuals who can answer the questions that can't be Googled (and there are many of them). 

Joining these clubs require that you become a member, not a guest. Club membership is also limited to a small number so that your work becomes easily seen. Everyone starts at the ForeRunner level and then if results are good and you so desire, you can move up to next level.  
These clubs exist to generate high quality content -- the kind of content that both entertains and helps the reader learn the art of leadership. We want you to share high quality information -- information that helps develop the virtues and skills necessary to serve as Great Leaders.

Please note: We aim to make these clubs a high quality experience. Therefore, we will remove anyone who violates the rules or fails to live up to responsibilities. 

Social Capital Definition


Remember, you can more no more better investment than to develop the knowledge and skills you can use throughout your entire life.

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