Short Course: What HR Doesn't Want You To Know—The Secrets To a Great Interview

  • 06-Feb-2017
  • 05-Mar-2017
  • A 4-Week self-paced course with optional coaching (Communication Skills Concentration)


  • This is ideal for those who value independence — you won’t be bothered with much more than an occasional email. Self-paced Short Courses stay open for four weeks. Each course has application assignments and you will receive feedback if you do them before the class closes out.
  • You will be assigned an experienced instructor who will give you the practice needed to have the confidence to handle interviews. We will do this both through Skype and over the phone.
    The first week is theory, the second, third and forth is practice.
  • Actually, it's not free but we design learning to your requirements. Typically, we start with Skills Mapping — a powerful method for defining your vision, roles and the knowledge and skills needed to step into a better future. For more information see:
    https://www.legacee.com/skill-development/skill-mapping/ or
    contact us at info@legacee.com

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There is probably no more important communication experience for college students and those who want to fast tack your career than that job interview. 

While there are studies that say the interview is a poor predictor of future performance, it continues to be universally used — it's not something you are going to get good at. It's simple a question of whether you sink or swim. And swimming is easier than you think.

Key Take Aways

  • 7 Interview mistakes one can take advantage of 
  • A powerful pattern to answer questions
  • Types of Questions interviews ask
  • How To Prepare
  • Great Openings: How to Nail the Positive First Impression
  • Cognitive biases that you could use to shine   
  • What you must do to stand out
  • Two common types of interview questions
  • Types of questions one can use during a conversation.
  • The three phases of the interview     
  • Understand how one can answer the questions one would likely be asked during an interview. 
  • Hear why the most valid methods of selecting employees are not the most commonly used.

Stand out From the Crowd

Stand Out From the Crowd

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